Friday, August 28, 2009

Short Stories


A blue morning, yesterdays drink poking my head, people rushing by. It’s funny how life turns you around and decides not to smile at you. How sometimes, there’s just you under the merciless morning sun. Giving your neck a tan from looking down. No toasts with butter for you, my love. No sticky morning kisses. Just you under the merciless sun. And your slice of pizza on the dusty floor.

He stared at me...

He stared at me with his indifferent, conceited eyes. As he ran his fingers through his hair, sat on the desk and lit his cigarette, bit by bit I drowned deeper into the red, ornamented carpet I was standing on. I looked at him, waiting for the nightmare to stop and reality to kick in, but he just ran his fingers through his hair again. My plea was ignored. "Give me your number" he said. "Maybe i will call". And i put on my best wet puppy face, did as I was told and stepped out into the chilly night.


He had a huge gap between his teeth, his eyes were half open, his smile complacent, his body oozing beer. With us and alone, rambling to himself, stupidly happy and at the same time, completely lost in his own magnificent, yet lonely universe. No touching, we said. I love Copenhagen! he replied.

The Dwarf

I had never seen a dwarf in my life. He strutted pass me wearing elegant black trousers and a prim white shirt. He walked with decisive haste, his short and manly legs carried him into the darkness of the street. It was only a brief glimpse, a sweet and surreal instant, that i shall never forget.